Although technological buzz tends to revolve around small screens these days – phones, tablets, even watches – big screens are growing in popularity as well. They allow you to display a significant amount of content at once, whether text, graphics, videos, or images. If you take a look around, you’ll find these sizable screens everywhere: lobbies, boardrooms, auditoriums, offices, retail stores, factories . . . So if you haven’t yet taken advantage of this amazing technology, explore the benefits of large screen displays below. And if you’re concerned that a particular environment wouldn’t treat a large screen kindly, read on to explore how to protect your new display.

LCD TV Display - DS802 Series

Benefits of Large Screen Displays


The primary purpose of a large screen display is, of course, to communicate. Businesses can use this feature in a variety of ways, using displays to communicate with employees, clients, or customers.

When used to enhance communication between team members, large screens might display one of the following:

  • Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • Operational flow statistics
  • Benchmarks
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Messages from HR
  • Web traffic
  • Revenue growth
  • Company calendar
  • Industry news updates
  • Product development progress

The screen might be used as a dashboard, i.e., a visual display of data that will help your employees stay on track to achieve your business’s goals. Some people report that seeing data on a large screen within a workplace automatically makes that information seem more important (source). By using large screen displays within your office or factory, especially if you’re showcasing progress and hard work, you might instill a sense of pride in employees. Plus, big office boards provide a great way to get all employees on the same page, building a sense of unity and fostering collaboration.

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When serving as a line of communication between a company and its customers, large screens can take on other roles. For example, they might display some of the following information:

  • Lists of products and prices
  • Customer support queues
  • Product specifications
  • Event announcements
  • Video advertisements
  • Maps and directions
  • Transportation information

When it comes to communicating with large screen displays, the sky is the limit. Unlike printed posters, you don’t have to limit yourself to static content, like a single page of text and graphics. Consider the possibilities, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Quick Content Changes

Prices change, revenues climb and plummet, and web traffic can change dramatically in the course of a few seconds. How can you communicate information that’s constantly in flux with a static medium? Large screens allow you to display quick content changes. So if a product goes out of stock, you can immediately remove it from the display. If a train is running late, you can announce its belated arrival time. As you move forward with a project, you can inform all employees of your progress. Plus, you can program your screen to shift between different pages in a cycle, using one screen to display large amounts of information.


As we’ve already discussed, these giant screens can display a variety of information: data, images, videos, graphics, sound clips, and more. In addition, large screen displays work well in a variety of different venues. You will find them in manufacturing, warehousing, agriculture and food facilities, retail settings, sports and entertainment venues, offices, lobbies, and more. This versatile technology can benefit businesses of all sorts, even those with less-than-pristine facilities. For example, with the proper enclosure for protection, you can use a giant screen in an industrial environment where the screen may be splashed with water or coated in airborne contaminants.

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Low-Cost, Space-Efficient, and Easy to Use

With the falling prices of large, flat-screen monitors, this technology is more affordable now than ever. In the long run, it is often more affordable than constantly printing out new posters to display information. In addition, large screen displays take up little room, making them space efficient and able to be used in a variety of locations. Finally, anyone can learn how to transmit information from a computer to a screen. With a little knowhow, you can quickly set up the technology and make changes whenever you like.

Save Paper

Many companies with paperless initiatives are choosing to use large screen displays. Instead of printing new posters or handouts every time you need to impart important information, you can simply reprogram the displays. Although you will need to pay a somewhat high upfront cost for the technology, the investment will help you save money and paper in the long run.

Protecting Your Large Screen Displays

Once your large screen displays are mounted and working properly, you may need to protect them from hazards within the environment. Moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures can all cause significant damage if allowed to reach your new display.

To protect your investment, contact DustShield. You might be interested in our LCD TV Display (DS802 Series), which is designed to protect large screens mounted in potentially hazardous areas indoors. It features a fan-filter system, aluminum-reinforced construction, and unbreakable polycarbonate windows (which are clear, of course, so that you can easily view the enclosed display).

LCD TV Display - DS802 Series LCD TV Display - DS802 SeriesLCD TV Display - DS802 Series

This locking enclosure meets the NEMA type 12 standard, and it comes with a VESA mounting apparatus that makes installation simple and speedy. Plus, if you’re worried about water, you can purchase a water-resistant splash guard upgrade (Part DS 500) to ensure the equipment cannot be harmed.

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Heavy-duty and delivered completely assembled, our enclosures suit a variety of applications. To learn more, please contact one of our enclosure specialists toll-free at 800-587-9557 or contact us online.

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