Every workplace is different, and what works for one company may not work for another. However, many business owners and floor managers are noticing the benefits of organizing technology using workstations as opposed to open deployment. Not only can workstations improve productivity within a workplace, but they can also enhance the aesthetics of the space and boost the morale of employees. Workstations – areas with equipment for the performance of a specialized task – can take many different forms. Some are used by a single individual, while others contain equipment for one task but are utilized by many people within a facility. Either way, grouping technology together by task is often worthwhile in the workplace.

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The Benefits of Organizing Technology Using Workstations

Productivity Benefits

By dividing and organizing technology into workstations, you can dedicate certain stations to certain tasks. This can separate different workers and duties to prevent disorder and crowding. Workers won’t need to frequently walk to different parts of the workspace. You can coordinate procedures with tools and resources to improve the workflow and prevent wait time between operations. To do this effectively, you first need to analyze your workers, your technology, communication in the workplace, and the processes involved in production. You may find value stream mapping worthwhile as you design your workstations.

All of the workstations within the facility must be in sync. Ideally, they will also be broadly adaptable to changing requirements, allowing users to reconfigure them quickly when needed. Workstations should aid change, not be a barrier to it.

Psychological Benefits

Especially if you divide technology into workstations meant for a single person, you might notice psychological benefits amongst your employees. The employees involved with the workstation must be trained on how to use it properly, as some workstations are not very intuitive. Once they learn how to maneuver a workstation and use it efficiently, however, employees may enjoy a sense of empowerment and pride.

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If the person can remain at one station throughout their workday, they won’t experience the frustration of frequent interruptions, allowing them to focus on the task at hand and perhaps improve their performance level. They will have all the products they need at their fingertips. Organizing technology into workstations can also prevent conflict, encouraging a more productive workplace culture.

Plus, the scale of a workstation is easier to manage when compared with an open setup. An ideal workstation must be comfortable for the operator (or operators) and include all the necessary tools and supplies.

Aesthetic Benefits

Using workstations can provide aesthetic benefits as well. Instead of spreading technology out across the floor, this form of organization creates a cleaner and less chaotic atmosphere. It should save floor space, utilizing vertical storage instead. When housed within a protective enclosure, a workstation is far easier to clean and can save you both time and money. After all, who enjoys wasting time spraying canned air at electronics? With the right enclosure, you can forget about most of your cleaning chores and get straight to work.


Although most companies have the resources to assess whether their space’s design benefits their performance or undermines it, very few actually take the time to do so. Have you explored the benefits of organizing technology using workstations?

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