Dustshield is the leader in industrial computer enclosures for production environments.

The Dustshield computer enclosure line caters to the most common requirements for protecting LCD Monitors, Tower & Desktop CPU’s and Printers in a single industrial computer enclosure. Each one built industrial tough to NEMA 12 standards and delivered completely assembled.

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Monitor, Desktop CPU & Keyboard – $940

This popular workstation is designed to keep a computer, monitor and keyboard up and running 24/7 in the worst factory environments imaginable. Constructed of 3/8” thick industrial plastic for maximum protection, the DustShield is impact, heat & corrosion resistant, not to mention RF compatible.
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Tower CPU – $465

A DustShield computer enclosure protects computers from dirty, dusty production environments.  Constructed of 3/8” thick industrial plastic for maximum protection, the DustShield is impact, heat & corrosion resistant, not to mention RF compatible.
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Label Printer – $310

Don’t let your label printers get bogged down with oils, solvents and other air-borne particles.  Protect your Intermec, Zebra, Datamax, SATO or other label printers using a DustShield enclosure.
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LCD Monitor & Keyboard – $710

The DS-825F is a workstation made to house your monitor or all-in-one and keyboard.  This enclosure is perfect for wall mounting or setting on a base cabinet or table.
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Thin Client – $699

Transitioning to thin clients?  The DS2011 simplifies the integration and organization of a thin client workstation on a production floor and can be upgraded to any size bracket mounted monitor or touchscreen.
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Monitor & Keyboard – $805

Great for your CRT monitor or an LCD monitor with a thin client placed behind it, you can even upgrade to accommodate your touch-screen.  This model is great for view-only displays or for when you want the monitor on top of a desk or table top and the CPU underneath.
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Desktop CPU – $425

Put this durable desktop computer enclosure to task anywhere, anytime in your facility.   Perfect for any device the size of a small form factor style unit, the DS150 is a cost effective solution to cut downtime out of your shop and boost profitability through productivity.
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Dual Tower CPU – $940

Do not worry – You are not seeing double!  If you have a number of PCs in your facility, this is the enclosure you will want to protect your computers from the dirt and debris in your production environment.
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Laptop Enclosure – $450

Protecting your laptop in harsh industrial environments is easy. Just set it in one of our DS-170 enclosures and shut the windows. The ABS construction makes it heat, impact and corrosion resistant while our fan/filter system keeps the air circulating around heated computer parts and the windows are even lockable for extra security.
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LCD Monitor – $436

Protect your monitor or all-in-one with a DustShield enclosure.  Sturdy construction of 3/8” thick ABS plastic protects your equipment from harsh industrial environments.
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LCD TV Display Enclosure – $740

Secure and protect your investment that communicates to your team and your customers.  DustShield Large screen display enclosures can be integrated in manufacturing, warehousing, ag & foods facilities, retail settings and sports and entertainment venues.
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Monitor & Desktop CPU – $740

Keep your monitor and desktop CPU free from abrasive particles and atomized oil and solvents in the air with DustShield computer enclosures; an industrial strength clean room for your critical hardware.
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Monitor, Desktop CPU, Keyboard & Label Printer – $1250

Putting a device right where the work gets done saves time and money. That is why a computer and label printer workstation makes perfect sense.
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Monitor – $558

Whatever the setup, our heavy-duty ABS plastic construction resists corrosion, heat and impact while our fan/filter system filters out 98% of airborne contaminants; keeping your electronics clean and safe even in the toughest industrial conditions.
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Monitor, Keyboard & Label Printer – $1035

When you have the right technology for a complex process, it is entirely frustrating when a machine fails due to the workplace environment.  That is why DustShield designed the label printer, monitor and keyboard enclosure.
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Monitor & Tower CPU – $765

The DS-801T protects your monitor and tower CPU from heavy air-born particles, oils and solvents in the air. Heavy-duty 3/8” thick ABS plastic construction makes this unit able to withstand some of the worst industrial environments, while the lack of keyboard tray makes it more suitable to being set on a preexisting table.
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Monitor, Tower CPU & Keyboard – $995

Put your full tower computer workstation in this DustShield and forget about cleaning it ever again. (That is unless you really like wasting time, playing with canned air).
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Paper Printer – $310

Protect your printers from abrasive particles and atomized oil and solvents in the air by enclosing it in a DustShield enclosure.  We carry a wide variety of sizes to accommodate any size of printer and each of our printer enclosures are custom made to fit your specific make and model of printer.
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Tablet Kiosk – $284

Elevate your customer experience through on demand self-service information and visual display interaction with point of service iPad kiosks and tablet kiosks.
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Telephony & Rack Enclosure – $795

Configurable to 4 – 40 RU and 20”, 25” or 30” in depth, the DS 700 is versatile and durable and is sure to exceed your expectations.  Let us know if you have special insect or pest control needs in your facility so we can upgrade your rack enclosure against your unique environmental threat.

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