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Industrial Manufacturing

Oils, fumes, liquids, chemicals conductive particulates & carbon fibers band together and destroy the toughest ruggedized equipment.

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Transportation and Logistics

Unstable temperatures, extreme environments and dust from packaging debris cause expensive failures to your computers and label printers.


Food Industry and Agriculture

Grimy dirt & debris, grain & flour dust, animal hair, feathers & liquids send your computers and label printers into an early retirement.

DustShield® Blog

The latest and hottest updates from the archive.
What is a Micron?

What is a Micron?

When researching electronics enclosures, organizations will see the terms “micron” and “submicronic” used in regard to the filtration system. The...

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Enclosure Solutions

Enclosure Solutions for Maintaining Clean Room Environment

In most cases, organizations invest in enclosure solutions to protect their electronics from dangerous particulates floating around the environment. The...

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How to Measure for an Enclosure

How to Measure for an Enclosure

When properly sized and built, a quality enclosure will create a protective, clean room-style environment for valuable electronics. A good...

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