A busy warehouse is no place for an unprotected Datamax label printer. To safeguard your investment, it is important that you purchase a reliable Datamax label enclosure. An enclosure will help protect your equipment by preventing the ingress of dust and humidity and shielding your printer from the elements. This will help preserve your printer’s performance and keep it up and running.

If your Datamax label printer is unprotected, take action today. Browse our selection of Datamax label enclosures and make a purchase.

Compatible Datamax Printers

At DustShield, our enclosure designers work hard to stay current with the latest printer designs. We’ve created three basic printer enclosures that are specifically made to fit Datamax printers.

Our Datamax printer cabinets are compatible with the H Class, I Class, and M Class models. Do you have a different Datamax model? Measure your label printer, and we’ll help you find the right enclosure.

Customize Your Datamax Label Enclosure

In order to make the selection process as simple as possible, we equip our basic printer enclosures with only the essentials. However, we understand that each facility has unique needs, so think of each standard enclosure as just a starting point. We’ll happily collaborate with you to create the perfect enclosure that meets your specific needs. We’ve made it our goal to find the most compatible and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

We have several features that we can add if you just say the word:

  • A protection upgrade
  • A security upgrade
  • Heating upgrade
  • Digital temperature display
  • Power upgrade

About Our Enclosures

Quality and durability are two of our top values. Our enclosures are NEMA type 12 certified, and we equip each printer cabinet with a fan/filter system with a purified air flow that filters out 98 percent of airborne contaminants. For your convenience, we’ve included a lift gull-wing door and label flap for easy access to the printer, and your printer will come to you fully assembled.

Just like all of our printer enclosures, we construct our Datamax label enclosure out of 3/8″-thick industrial plastic, which makes it resistant to impact, heat, and corrosion. These enclosures are easy to keep clean and are approved by the FDA for food production environments.