We understand that, from a workflow standpoint, the perfect place to put your Printronix label printer isn’t always the safest spot. Dripping oil, bits of debris, and extreme temperatures can pose a threat to even the most durable printers. Luckily, with our enclosures, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice efficiency for protection. Take a look at our Printronix label printer cabinet, and contact us to get an order started.

Compatible Printronix Printers

We carry three basic printer enclosures that can protect several different printer models. Our Printronix label printer cases enclose three types of Printronix models:

  • T2N
  • T4M
  • T5204
  • T5206
  • T5306
  • T8204
  • T8304

If your Printronix printer model isn’t listed here, we can still help. Grab some measuring tape, record some numbers, and hand them off to us. We’ll take care of the rest.

You’ll need to measure five different areas in inches:

  1. The label printer’s height, width, and depth
  2. The label printer’s height to the label outlet
  3. The width of the label outlet
  4. The distance between the left side of the label printer to the left side of label outlet
  5. The distance from the left side of the label printer to the top-left side of the hinged door

To get an idea of how much your enclosure will cost, add the width, depth, and height of your printer together:

  • Label printers with a width” + depth” + height” less than or equal to 41″start at $540.
  • Label printers with a width” + depth” + height” less than or equal to 40″start at $425.
  • Label printers with a width” + depth” + height” less than or equal to 29″start at $310.

Customize Your Printronix Label Printer Cabinet

Rather than overwhelming our customers with numerous Printronix label printer enclosure options, we’ve made one basic enclosure that fits most Printronix models. Our DS 316L can be upgraded to prevent a variety of problems. For example, if your printer will be placed in a high traffic area, we can add a lock to prevent theft. Does your printer need to operate in a freezer or a hot warehouse? We can equip your Printronix label printer cabinet with a heating upgrade and temperature display.

About Our Enclosures

At DustShield, each product we carry has been tested and evaluated for quality. Our Printronix label printer cases have a NEMA type 12 rating. Our basic enclosure models each include a fan system that filters out 98 percent of airborne contaminants. Since time is of the essence on a busy shop floor, we’ve included an easy-lift, gull-wing door and label flap. We construct the Printronix label enclosure out of 3/8″ thick industrial plastic, making it resistant to impact, heat, and corrosion.

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