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  • Constructed of 3/8″ ABS Plastic
  • NEMA 12 Protection
  • Positive Pressure Airflow
  • Includes 1 Filter
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Printer Not Included

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Don’t let your label printers get bogged down with oils, solvents and other air-borne particles. Protect your Honeywell, Intermec, Zebra, Datamax, SATO or other label printers using a DustShield enclosure. Our label printer enclosures come with a fan/filter system for a purified-positive air flow and are constructed of heavy-dusty ABS plastic for maximum protection. An easy lift gull-wing door and perfectly positioned label flap allow for ease of use and access to the label printer. Enclosure can be upgraded with ingress protection (Part# DS500) for applications requiring additional safeguards against liquid penetration. Compatible with all major brands including Honeywell.

Three sizes of enclosures accommodate any size printer (see additional information tab).

Each enclosure is made to order.

Standard Features

  • Color: Black or Light Gray
  • Material: 3/8″ ABS Plastic, Acrylic
  • Perfect for Industrial Applications
  • Top/Side Access Door
  • Full Wi-Fi and RF Compatibility
  • 5 Year Warranty – View Warranty Policy
  • DustShield™ Filtration – Effective in removing up to 98% of all airborne contaminants and 6x more effective than permanent, washable electrostatic filters. Filter replacement is the key to protecting your mission critical hardware. Effective protection from particulate down to 0.1 micron. Separate optional filters are available for especially oily air, exhaust vapor and fumes. Filter Replacement: 1-2 months specific to each environment.
  • nema

  • NEMA 12 Protection – Enclosures with protection against dirt, dust, splashes by non-corrosive liquids and salt spray. All DustShield Computer & Printer enclosures are built to NEMA-12 standards.


ABS Plastic vs Steel

DustShield Enclosures are constructed of 3/8″ thick ABS Plastic for maximum structural stability.

Need Assistance? Call 1-800-587-9557 or email us.

Additional information

Design Lists

— Pick a model below —, DS316L – For Label Printers with Width” + Depth” + Height” Less Than or Equal to 41″, DS316M – For Label Printers with Width” + Depth” + Height” Less Than or Equal to 40″, DS316S – For Label Printers with Width” + Depth” + Height” Less Than or Equal to 29″, — Our Design —, [BIXOLON] – SLP Series – DS 316S (DS 316S BIXOLON SLP Series), [BIXOLON] – XT5-40 – DS 316L (DS 316L BIXOLON XT5-40), [DATAMAX] – H Class – DS 316L (DS 316L DATAMAX H-CLASS), [DATAMAX] – I Class – DS 316L (DS 316L DATAMAX I-CLASS), [DATAMAX] – M Class – DS 316L (DS 316L DATAMAX M-CLASS), [HONEYWELL] – PX940 – DS 316L (DS 316L HONEYWELL PX940), [Intermec] – PD43 – DS 316M (DS 316M INTERMEC PD43), [Intermec] – PM43 – DS 316L (DS 316L INTERMEC PM43), [Intermec] – PM43C – DS 316L (DS 316L INTERMEC PM43C), [Intermec] – PM4i – DS 316L (DS 316L INTERMEC PM4i), [Intermec] – PX6I & PX4i – DS 316L (DS 316L PX6i PX4i), [Printronix] – T5204 – DS 316L (DS 316L PRINTRONIX T5204), [Printronix] – T5206 – DS 316L (DS 316L PRINTRONIX T5206), [Printronix] – T5306 – DS 316L (DS 316L PRINTRONIX T5306), [SATO] – CL4NX – DS 316L (DS 316L SATO CL412NX), [SATO] – CL408e – DS 316L (DS 316L SATO CL408e), [SATO] – CL412e – DS 316L (DS 316L SATO CL412E), [SATO] – CL412NX – DS 316L (DS 316L SATO CL412NX), [SATO] – CL6NX – DS 316L (DS 316L SATO CL412NX), [SATO] – CL608e – DS 316L (DS 316L – SATO CL608e, CL612e), [SATO] – CL612e – DS 316L (DS 316L – SATO CL608e, CL612e), [SATO] – M10e – DS 316L (DS 316L SATO M10e), [SATO] – M8400 – DS 316L (DS 316L SATO M-8400), [Zebra] – 105SE – DS 316L (DS 316L – ZEBRA 105SE), [Zebra] – 105SL – DS 316L (DS 316L – ZEBRA 105SL), [Zebra] – 110 Xi Series – DS 316L (DS 316L FOR ZEBRA 110XI SERIES), [Zebra] – 140 Xi – DS 316L (DS 316L – ZEBRA 140 Xi), [Zebra] – 170 Xi – DS 316L (DS 316L – ZEBRA 170 Xi), [Zebra] – 220Xi series – DS 316L (DS 316L – ZEBRA 220 xi4), [Zebra] – GC420T – DS 316S (DS 316S ZEBRA GC420T), [Zebra] – GX420 – DS 316S (DS 316S ZEBRA GX420), [Zebra] – ZD420d – DS 316S (DS 316S ZD420d), [Zebra] – ZD420t – DS 316S (DS 316S ZD420t), [Zebra] – ZD500 – DS 316S (DS 316S ZD500-000), [Zebra] – ZM4 / ZM400 – DS 316L (DS 316L – Z4M,ZM400), [Zebra] – ZM6 / ZM600 – DS 316L (DS 316L – Z6M,ZM600), [Zebra] – ZT220 – DS 316L (DS 316L – ZEBRA ZT220), [Zebra] – ZT230 – DS 316L (DS 316L ZEBRA ZT230), [Zebra] – ZT410/411 – DS 316L (DS 316L ZEBRA ZT410/411), [Zebra] – ZT420/421 – DS 316L (DS 316L ZEBRA ZT420/421), [Zebra] – ZT510 – DS 316L (DS 316L ZEBRA ZT510), [Zebra] – ZT610 – DS 316L (DS 316L ZEBRA ZT610), [Zebra] – ZT620 – DS 316L (DS 316L ZEBRA ZT620), [Zebra] – R110Xi4 – DS 316L (DS 316L ZEBRA R110Xi4)

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