Billions of people around the world will flush a toilet today or run water in their sink without thinking twice about the privilege. However, if you work in the sewage treatment industry, you understand the complex process that must occur in wastewater treatment plants to keep our water clean. Unfortunately, that process can have a negative effect on electronics used by employees. Wastewater treatment plants are the cornerstones of healthy communities, so it’s important to protect your electronics from wastewater treatment plant hazards so you can get the job done.

An outdoor photo of a modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Hazards

Effects on Personal Computers

Many of us have been there before: You log onto a computer to complete another day’s task, and your computer won’t start. For computers in controlled environments like clean, air-conditioned homes, it might just be the computer’s time to retire. However, if you work in a wastewater treatment plant facility, your computer’s life might have been cut short thanks to corrosion. Treatment chemicals in atomized and aerosol liquids can harm your computer. Even if your computer is located in a separate room from the actual treatment site, it can still be affected by the harsh chemicals traveling throughout the building. Keep your computer safe with an enclosure. Although steel is a trustworthy and durable material, some chemicals can cause steel to rust. Purchase an enclosure made with noncorrosive plastic for years of use. To add even more protection, you can purchase a heavy-duty particulate fume filter that removes more than 98 percent of all contaminants. These types of filters are six times more effective than permanent, washable electrostatic filters.

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Another environmental threat to your computer is dust. When dust gets trapped inside your computer, it can cause it to overheat, which in turn can cause your hard drive to fail. Don’t take a chance on costly downtime or losing important data. Keep your computer system safe by adding a digital temperature display.

Effects on LCD Monitors and Displays

By protecting your desktop monitor with an enclosure, you can avoid failure and downtime due to corrosion. Just like with personal computers, treatment chemicals in atomized and aerosol liquids can cause metal inside your monitor to rust. By placing your monitor in an enclosure made out of heavy-duty ABS plastic, you won’t have to worry.

Enclosures protect monitors from other wastewater treatment plant hazards as well. Like in any facility, dust can accumulate in a wastewater treatment plant. Dust can settle inside your monitor and cause a shortage, which will make your monitor useless. Many people also fail to realize that wiping a layer of dust from your computer screen can cause scratches. Not only can this affect the quality of the display, but it can also impact the function of a touchscreen monitor. Use an enclosure to protect touchscreens and regular screens alike.


It’s nearly impossible to eliminate dust, chemicals, and all the other wastewater treatment plant hazards. However, your electronics should not have to suffer. By purchasing enclosures for your monitors and computers, you can extend their lifespans.

If you’re looking for a computer enclosure, contact DustShield. We have an extensive line of enclosures designed to protect LCD monitors and tower and desktop CPUs in harsh environments. Heavy-duty and delivered completely assembled, our enclosures suit a variety of applications. We’ll work with you to determine which upgrades would enhance your company’s workflow. With help from our customer service representatives, you’ll find that customizing a computer enclosure is easy. To learn more, please contact us toll-free at 800-587-9557 or contact us online.

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