Computers simply are not built to survive in industrial environments. To ensure that your computer can withstand the elements, you should encapsulate it in an enclosure. Not only can an enclosure protect your computer from moisture, dust, and dirt, but it can also ensure that unauthorized personnel are not able to access the device’s data. If you need to protect your CPU, monitor, tablet, or printer, use the information below so that you know what to look for in a computer enclosure.

What to Look for in a Computer Enclosure

What to Look for in a Computer Enclosure

Protection from the Elements

First, of course, you must ensure that your enclosure can protect your computer properly. Review the NEMA ratings to determine the level of protection your computer requires based on the application and environment. For example, will the computer reside in a dusty area? Are you worried about water or corrosive agents? Will you need to hose down the area during regular cleanings? Selecting the proper NEMA rating is crucial to protecting your computer for years to come.


Your enclosure may protect your computer from the environment, but what about unauthorized personnel? If you’re concerned about people accessing private data on the computer, choose an enclosure with lockable doors to keep out wandering eyes.

Pre-Delivery Assembly

Do you dread the assembly portion of projects? If you get anxious assembling IKEA furniture or your children’s birthday toys, look for an enclosure that is completely assembled prior to delivery. This will eliminate your stress and ensure that the enclosure is properly assembled.

Secure Fit

We can’t discuss what to look for in a computer enclosure without bringing up the product’s fit. You want your enclosure to provide maximum protection while taking up minimal space. In addition, make sure the enclosure allows any important cables to safely exit the enclosure.

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Convenient Access

What good is a computer enclosure if you can’t easily access the safeguarded equipment? Check that personnel can view the screen, type on the keyboard, and complete any other important tasks without difficulty.


When your needs don’t match up with the designs of standard enclosure products, you must step outside the box. Customizability is essential in these situations, so check that your manufacturer is willing to work with you to create a unique product that fulfills all your requirements.

Special Features

You may need your enclosure to provide additional protections or features. For example, would your computer benefit from a fan/filter system that provides a purified-positive air flow? Or does your enclosure need heating and cooling systems to combat extreme temperatures? Ask about optional features when selecting an enclosure and consider how your enclosure might benefit.

Fit for the Future

As you ponder what to look for in a computer enclosure, plan for the future. Electronics frequently change from year to year, as manufacturers are constantly upgrading equipment. So when selecting an enclosure, look for a product that will grow with you and your technology. For example, perhaps you should purchase a slightly larger enclosure so that you have room to upgrade to a larger monitor in the future.

Protective Warranty

Finally, never purchase a computer enclosure without a protective warranty. Review what the warranty covers, its limitations, and its length. For example, DustShield’s warranty policy guarantees that the product will remain free of defects in material and workmanship for five years. If the original consumer encounters defects when using the product normally, for its intended purpose, DustShield will repair or replace the product.

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Ready to Get Started?

If you’re in the market for a computer enclosure, DustShield is here to help. The leader in industrial computer enclosures for production environments, DustShield has an extensive line of enclosures designed to protect LCD monitors, tower and desktop CPUs, and printers. Heavy-duty and delivered completely assembled, our enclosures suit a variety of applications. And if you can’t find the ideal product to suit your needs, we can design and fabricate a custom enclosure that meets your requirements. To learn more, please contact one of our enclosure specialists toll-free at 800-587-9557 or contact us online.